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Vapour barrier

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Vapour barrier

With our Alustick series we produce diffusion-tight vapor barriers with an sd value ≥ 1,500m. The basis is always a mechanically high-strength aluminum composite, which was specially developed for use on corrugated steel decks. The vapor barrier is usually equipped with a self-adhesive backing. This enables clean installation on the roof with immediate fixation and formation of the overlaps for a tight vapor barrier layer.

Alustick is available up to a width of 1.50m on rolls up to 100m of length, but can also be manufactured individually according to your specifications.


  • vapor-tight with an SD value ≥ 1,500m

  • high tear resistance for walkability on corrugated steel deck

  • fully self-adhesive with very good installation properties

  • CE marked according to EN 13984

  • fire class E to DIN EN 13501-1

  • reduced fire load in accordance to DIN EN 18234

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